Residential pest management is one of the most sensitive and demanding types of work we perform. Our goal is to use a combination of chemical and non-chemical IPM methods to provide maximum effectiveness with minimum risk.


Service Frequency

At Innovative Pest Management Inc., we carefully consider each client’s unique pest control needs and develop a custom treatment plan. The plans detailed below, therefore, are just “typical” and may be modified as best suits the needs of a particular home. Whichever program the customer might consider, our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and provide you with a non-invasive program that provides you with the level of pest control that you desire.

Seasonal Service Plan

For most homeowners, our Seasonal Service plan is the most appropriate option. This plan provides protection against the most common outdoor invading pests at an affordable monthly price. We inspect and/or treat the exterior of your home once a month during April-Oct of each year. Our goal is to prevent pests from coming from the outside of the structure to the interior of the structure and/or from nesting on the building. We do excluding termites and those pests such as fleas that are carried in on the occupants of the house from this service.

This program usually cost about the same as what you would pay a national company to come out and solve one single problem. No one has to be home for this service as all of the regularly scheduled work is perform on the exterior of the structure. We only come inside when a problem occurs that can not be treated from the exterior.

Seasonal Plus Service Plan

This service is based on the Seasonal Service Plan, but includes an additional January service. A homeowner would consider this program if mice were to be included in the targeted pests.

Quarterly Service Plan

This service is basically the same as the Seasonal Plus Service Plan but we use a higher concentration of the insecticide and more volume to last between services. You are required to have the winter service. This program is for those that can live with seeing an occasional pest between the services.

Annual Service Plan

Some pests, such as wasps, ladybugs, and boxelder bugs, can be managed with a once-a-year preventative treatment, applied prior to the anticipated presences of the pests for that year. This program is geared to control a single pest or two.

Whatever your situation, we can develop a residential integrated pest management plan to suit your needs and budget. Just contact us for a prompt inspection and estimate.